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or how to get best value for money buying wine...

Values updated for 1 Dec 2008



The chart above is a graphic illustration of how the value (and quality) of wine increases exponentially as you spend more.


This is because of the fixed costs (duty and packaging) that inevitably take up most of the value of a bottle of wine at the less expensive end.


As a very rough guide, our examples demonstrate that the value of wine in a £4 pound bottle is around 91p.


Double your spend to £8 and the value of the wine itself increases by more than threefold to £4.39.


Spend three times as much (or £12 a bottle) and the wine value is nearly
six times higher to £7.86.



Or to put it another way:


  • Wine accounts for 22.75% of the value in a £4 bottle
  • Wine accounts for 54.88% of the value in a £8 bottle
  • Wine accounts for 65.5% of the value in a £12 bottle


But you need to spend £1000 on a bottle to reach 85%! Therefore in quantum leap terms, the step up from the sub £5 mark to the £6 to £10 range will yield the most significant gains in wine quality and value.

This is, we hope, a graphic illustration of why it makes sense and good value to drink better.




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