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A golden grape variety originating in the south west of France that is one of the unsung heroes of wine production. With its traditional partner, sauvignon blanc, it is the key ingredient in Sauternes - arguably one of the longest lived unfortified white wines of the world.


The Australians have laid a claim to semillon and in the Hunter Valley it produces a phenomenal, idiosyncratic wine of great longevity. It has been one of the world's most planted grape varieties capable of top quality production, but has never had the boost of high fashion and appears destined to play second fiddle.


The only other region where it is taken seriously is Bordeaux for their dry whites, but plantings are on the decline. It makes the perfect partner for sauvignon blanc, having relatively low acidity, and it adds a fatness and roundness to sauvignon to give weight and some power. Slightly less obviously, it has become frequently blended with chardonnay to fill it out a little, but it tends to be a passive partner and the resulting wines are based around the more commercial end of the market.






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