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pinot noir


Also called spatburgunder in Germany. Pinot noir is the variety solely responsible for red burgundy. It is not easy to grow and demands much from both the climate and the wine maker to produce the great wines for which it is famous. It is a tribute to the fine burgundies that experimenters are prepared to try their hand at such a capricious grape in so many regions. At its best it is ethereally elegant with bright berry fruit flavours merging into classic gamy, secondary notes as it matures. Where it is clumsily dealt with, it can make jam. Pinot noir is also the 'weight' behind Champagne and gives it a gentle pink tinge and strawberry aromas.


Beyond Burgundy, it has found a new home in New Zealand where, with perseverance, some great wines are being made. Central Otago on the South Island is becoming a centre for this modern pinot revolution.





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