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Ullage & Spillage
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One of the most important grape varieties in Spain (after tempranillo and grenache) where it is called monastrell. In Australia it is making a bit of a come-back and here it is known as mataro. The vine favours warm climates and is an extremely late ripener producing small, sweet, thick-skinned berries. These, in turn, make a heady wine high in extract, alcohol and tannins with a slightly gamey flavour that is capable of ageing in a reductive environment. It is the principal grape variety in such DOs as Alicante, Jumilla, Yecla and Valencia. In France, for a long time it was really only produced in Bandol, but is now much sought after in Languedoc and Roussillon as an 'improving variety' where it supports grenache and sometimes cinsault with its firm structure and perfumed fruit.





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