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execellars Top Six


Compiled by Angie - just some personal favourites

I have only listed 6 so two of each makes a nice tidy case at £105.40


Vintages and prices updated Dec 08 Prices include VAT



1. Pinot Gris 2007 Kim Crawford @ £9.95

Marlborough New Zealand

Andys note

Rich, ripe and full with peach and honey notes and underlying zippy citrus.

Angies note

Mmmm yummy, brings back memories of hot summer days(I have a good memory!), great friends and Cornwall by the sea, Dave drinks this crisp white practically intravenously.


2. Sauvignon Blanc Shaw & Smith 2006 @ £10.95

Adelaide Hills Australia

Andys note

Fragrant, refreshing and light with a delicious core of ripe lime and apple.

Angies note

That was a very good night, drunk accompanied by Michael Caines' wonderful food. I am sure it could be replicated at home as long as I am not cooking.


3. Vielles Vignes 2006 Domaine Capmartin @ £8.95

Madiran France

Andys note

Deliciously gulpable blend of Tannat, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Angies note

Well I truly believe the hype about this rich red wine and its amazing health benefits (see page 12 of our wine list), although I haven't replaced my morning Orange Juice with it quite yet...


4. Chateau Melin Cadet Courreau 2005 @ £6.95

Bordeaux France

Andys note

Soft, ripe, bright and vibrant red made in a modern deliciously approachable style.

Angies note

I have put this red in for my friend Louise, she doesn't bother mixing a case, just buys 12 of these.


5. Montpulciano d'Abruzzo 2007 Gran Sasso @ £5.95

Abruzzo Italy

Andys note

Deep colour, attractive spicy perfume and excellent depth of round, supple fruit.

Angies note

Can also be enjoyed nestled among the Tuscan Hills or in one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants, this red manages to overcome the problem with holiday wine, it still tastes great in the UK rain and gives a sense of Tuscan warmth.


6. Prosecco di Vadobbiadene NV Endrizzi @ £9.95

Trentino Italy

Andys note

Refreshingly persistent mousse with hints of apples, vanilla and honey.

Angies note

Fizz to drink without waiting for a special day, light and giggly.



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